Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) In my state, we only support existing businesses. Aren’t new franchises considered a “start up” business?

A.) It is true that some states are just focused on existing businesses because of the challenges inherent with start-up businesses. A franchise is a hybrid as it’s a new location, but based on a proven business method that has been established through other existing businesses within the franchise model. Success of a franchise increases through the diligent research and identification of a franchise that fits the client from a personality and financial profile.

Q.) Am I required to be FranFit Certified in order to participate in the program?

A.) Yes. Certification is a requirement for all FranFit advisors. Recertification is annual and is available as an online training/webinar and/or at the annual ASBDC national conference. There is no cost to be certified and there’s also additional training and support provided to the FranFit state champions.

Q.) Doesn’t this partnership discourage an “open, competitive environment”?

A.) No. FranNet is a free service for SBDC clients. Clients can choose to work directly with any franchisor with any advising support. They can also enlist other, additional services, such as The International Franchise Association ( or the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers.

Q.) Has this program received an ASBDC review?

A.) Yes. The ASBDC has been in collaboration with the FranFit program from its inception. Nationally, Tee Rowe and Donna Ettenson are fully aware and support the program

Q.) How is the funding set-up to support the FranFit Program?

A.) The FranFit funding will be handled at the state level. The ongoing funding will specifically support franchise education, resources and advising.

Q.) Aren’t there specific fund restrictions for pay-to-play compliance?

A.) This program isn’t a pay-to-play program. Advisors receive no economic benefit via their centers for any FranNet sponsorship or educational funds received. Funding is specifically to be used to support franchise training or other professional development activities including attending franchise education programs or conferences. Funding can also be used to support the efforts of the FIT team in one-on-one mentoring and advising for counselors and continued education of the program.

Q.) How do I enroll in the FranFit Course?

A.) Enroll in the FranFit Course by clicking ‘FranFit Certification‘ from the top menu. Click the ‘Enroll’ button. To create a new account, click the ‘Create new account’ link on the login page.

Q.) How do I complete a lesson?

A.) After watching the lesson’s video, click the ‘Complete’ button located below the video. Once you’ve completed a lesson you’ll notice a check mark next to that lesson in your course navigation on the left-hand side.

Q.) Where is my course navigation?

A.) If you are in the FranFit Course and do not see the course navigation click the 3-horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner to expand your course navigation.