Dear SBDC Partners,

As the association representing the 63 small business development center networks and America’s leading resource for fostering small business job creation and retention, America’s SBDC is pleased the launch the FranFit program, a cooperative program between America’s SBDC and FranNet. FranFit is a program run by, and for, SBDC advisors that empowers them with the training, tools, resources and support necessary to properly advise clients on potential franchising opportunities.

The FranFit model is designed to diversify the franchising portfolio and focus on baby boomers, veterans, women and minorities as potential franchise owners. It’s my hope that SBDC advisors will avail themselves of the FranFit franchise certification process and help increase franchise opportunities for the next generation of America’s small business owners.

Kedma Ough, the FranFit SBDC Oregon Chair, has been heading the creation of the program for the SBDC. In talking with her, she told me, “I knew from the initial workshop that the only way for SBDC advisors to understand the uniqueness and complexity of the franchise model was to provide an educational platform that could support franchising as a tool in their toolbox of advising options.”

We’re looking toward efforts like this program to further spur the economic recovery. We’re privileged that the national network of SBDCs is playing an important role in improving the current economic franchising landscape by helping entrepreneurs and adding another powerful tool to the SBDC toolkit.

Please take a look at what FranFit can offer your clients and your community,



C. E. “Tee” Rowe

Dear SBDC Partners,

For many years, FranNet and the SBDC have shared a common goal-educate entrepreneurs through building foundations within communities by helping individuals invest in local business opportunities. That time has never been more important than right now. The next entrepreneur who invests in their business is the most important entrepreneur there is.
This all-new FranFit program has been built so that FranNet can most effectively support the mission of the SBDC. It’s been built with the SBDC in mind so that the more than 100 FranNet consultants across the country can better support you. It’s been put in place so that your center can earn the counseling hours necessary, as well as the validation necessary.

The program will enhance several core properties:

  • Education
  • Communication
  • Integration
  • Validation

As you learn about the FranFit program, I hope you’ll see the opportunity this program has to invigorate communities and help establish individuals in business for themselves.

Enhance opportunities. Create jobs. Invest in communities. Goals that FranNet and the SBDC can always support. Let’s empower our entrepreneurs together.

Warm Regards,

Jania Bailey